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17 Motivational Quotes to Help you Nail Your 2019 Goals!

One of my favorite things are Quotes! Simple words that uplift, motivate, bring you back to reality when you need it the most. Since I started my blogging journey I have pinned a good amount that I  or someone else can go back to them when needed. 2019 is around the corner and even though I don’t necessarily make resolutions (because I don’t stick to them) I do believe in goals.  Internalizing all the favorite quotes that I avidly pin helps me boost my motivation to go for what I really want. If you have something in your mind that you want to develop but you might be scared, worried or just don’t know how to start? I share with you 17 of my favorite motivational goals! They might help as they’ve always helped me. Go for it!!


17 Motivational Quotes to Help you Nail your 2019 Goals!

Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of valuePIN IT!

When starting something in your life that you want to develop it is really important to look within you and think the WHY am I doing this?!! Am I doing it for money, recognition, success or do you have a passion for something. In my case I want success (Who doesn’t? ) but I want to achieve it while giving something back…. it can be inspiration, informative, a guidance to someone. Yes, it is not easy for some to determine exactly what is the value that you put out but all of us have something valuable. It is just a matter of understanding and accepting it because we are our worst critics.

Other Quotes I love that remind me of what is it I am aiming for

“Don’t stop until you’re proud” -Unknown-

“I never dream about success. I worked for it” – Estee Lauder-

it always seem impossible, until its donePIN IT!

Every time you get discourage think of Mandela! There is no impossible, just keep going at it, some things take longer.

Other Quotes I love for when I ‘m feeling that I won’t make it

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” -Martin Luther King-

“Small Progress is still Progress” -Unknown-

“Do one thing everyday that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt-

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do” -Oprah Winfrey-

you have to odd to be number onePIN IT!

Dr. Seuss is always a hit with my kids but I have to say I didn’t really grew up knowing about him. I love how he just embraces difference, just as we should. Don’t see it as a bad thing, see it as your added value. Your quirkiness, your style, your passion, the way YOU see life!

Other Quotes I love for staying true to me

“Make your life a masterpiece, Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do” -Brian Tracey-

Don't be intimidated by what you don't know...PIN IT!

This is one of my most difficult things while learning to blog. I did not know a thing about hosts, domains or backside and all the technical things that go on! Even had people asking me if I really wanted to do it. My answer every time was YESSSS! just don’t know how to do it.

I tell you not to stop, it will take longer, you will miss things but eventually you will learn and be able to understand all the aspects of what you want to do.

One thing I was scared at the beginning was asking for help. Now I ask ,what is the worst that can happen? someone telling you no (it happens). Move on, there will be another person that has a passion to help 🙂

Other Quotes I love for when I feel clueless

“Don’t try to be original, just try to be good” – Paul Rand-

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” -Chris Grosser-

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”-Confucius-

Actually I canPIN IT!

At the end of the day what matters the Most is what YOU think. And you know what is that? YES I CAN! and there is no one that will make you believe any different. You might get there slower and a little bit behind but who cares as long as you are proud of your value!

Other Quotes I love that boost the belief in Myself

“You Rock”-Unknown-

“The best is still to come” -Unknown-

“Okay let’s do This” -Unknown-

“Do it for you and not for them”-Unknown-

“Don’t Over Think it” -Unknown-


Well these are some of the hundreds of inspirational quotes. I know they’ve help me, do you have favorite quotes that help you in goal achieving? let me know which are your favorites in the comments!


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  • Jennifer = parentsmarternotharder

    These are awesome! I recently changed things up and keep a motivational quote in the background of my computer. It’s awesome and I think some of these need to go into the rotation 🙂

    • elementsofalicea
      Jennifer = parentsmarternotharder

      So nice, I pin a lot and when I need them I go back and get my motivational boost! Great idea keeping one as a background!

  • Sonja

    I needed to read some of these quotes today! I am in the first half year of my blog, and still have a ways to go. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks!! I started on 2017 on and off and then this year more consistent but it has been eye opening how you need to really want this! Keep going no matter what!

  • Dana

    I love this list of inspirational quotes! The Martin Luther King Jr quote has always been my favorite

    • elementsofalicea

      He is always an inspiration, so many of his quotes are just memorable!

  • Melanie

    Thank you for the much needed inspiration!

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank You, it means a lot to me that I can help others! Even if by sharing others words.


    Really great inspo for next year! I definitely needed to hear those quotes of affirmation!

    • elementsofalicea

      Yes!!! It helps so much for daily and long term goals.

  • LISA

    I love quotes, and these are all great ones! So inspirational and motivational!

  • Melisa from Crushing Motherhoood

    LOVE this! That saying about don’t let what you don’t know keep you from pursuing what you want to. This is just what I needed today! Learn along the way!

    • elementsofalicea
      Melisa from Crushing Motherhoood

      Yes!! That for me is a great motivation. Sometimes we doubt because we don’t know, but we will never learn if we don’t jump in! Have a great day!

  • Samantha Dalit Nunes

    Thank you for this post. I really love motivational quotes and I really could use them on a day like today.

    • elementsofalicea
      Samantha Dalit Nunes

      Good, they are always there when we them the most!


    These are great quotes! I feel like a good quote can be very motivating!

    • elementsofalicea

      Right! I always read them when I need them the most!

  • dani

    This is one of those days that I need to rely on quotes like these. they are simple but they rock.

    • elementsofalicea

      Great!! Love when one thing I write gets to the eyes that needs it the most!

  • Erica Chavez Fletcher

    Love These! I do a Motivational Monday on my blog, you should check it out!

    • elementsofalicea
      Erica Chavez Fletcher

      Thanks for sharing! I would for sure check it out!

  • Mamie

    I love a good quote. I keep them in my planner and on post it notes.

    • elementsofalicea

      Hi!! That is a really good idea. I will print some and keep them in a place that surprises me 🙂

  • Britney

    I’m surprised how many of these I haven’t heard yet! So motivational.

    • elementsofalicea

      There are so many good ones out there!! I love finding ones I haven’t read before and more if I needed them that day. It is like finding a treasure!

  • Kristen

    These are great quotes! Thank you for sharing them!

    • elementsofalicea

      You are welcome!

  • Live Learn better

    These are great quotes and serve as great reminders. Love it!

    • elementsofalicea
      Live Learn better

      Thanks! They are really reminders of good things to come.

  • Anna

    These are beautiful motivational quotes. Thank you for sharing, I love reading this kind of post. My husband and I read motivational everyday.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank you!! It means a lot and love that you and hubby read them together.

  • KESI

    This is a great list of quotes! I love quotes and when I see ones I love I make sure to save them and use them later. I will be pinning this post 😉 Thank you for sharing!

    • elementsofalicea

      Me too! I think a pin quotes the most. I always go back to them when I need them 🙂

  • Rachael Liska

    This is a great collection of quotes!! Words are so powerful and can be so motivating when we just don’t thing we have anything left to give. Thank you for pulling these together and sharing with us!

    • elementsofalicea
      Rachael Liska

      They for sure help us get out when we are stuck! Thanks for reading along, have a great 2019!

  • Jen

    “Do one thing everyday that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt- That is my favorite! Pinning these to read when I need motivation! ❤️

  • Live LearN Better

    All are awesome quotes but my favorite is “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” -Martin Luther King-
    Absolutely! I’m a firm believer of that.

  • Raluca

    Such a great collection of quotes you put up here, so inspiring! I have to save this post 😉

  • Mallaury

    Such inspirational quotes. Very much needed especially during this this earlier part of the year. Thanks!

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