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22 stunning hats perfect for spring and summer

Spring is here and summer quickly approaching meaning that sunny days are inevitable!! We have to protect ourselves from the UV rays that can affect our skin and subsequently see skin damage. I am a hat advocate and specially love the spring and summer styles. For Mother’s Day I shared a few and because I received so many comments from you ladies I decided to look for more options and create a 22 Stunning Hats Perfect for Spring and Summer. Look for the perfect one for you and grab one before heading out to the sunny side!


22 Stunning Hats Perfect For Spring and Summer

Baseball Caps

Lets start with baseball caps! They are easy to wear and carry and if you love sports you probably have one from your favorite team, if you don’t you need to check these cute patterns and colors!


If you like more coverage or lots of coverage you can go with all of the following! with different styles, materials, colors and designs you will find one perfect for you!

Panama Hats
Floppy Hats

Boater Hats


Lifeguard Hats

Any of these are perfect for stepping out and facing the harsh reality of the sun rays! Now don’t forget how important it is to cover yo’ self !
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