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28 Goal Ideas to Inspire You and Tips to Achieve Them

What is a Goal?

For 2018 I had so many ideas and resolutions, some I worked on others I didn’t even pay attention to. Looking back, I wasn’t really focusing on how to achieve them because I did not set them as GOALS! For 2019 I am tossing the resolutions and creating goals of things that I really want, setting them into priorities and breaking them to prevent the overwhelming feeling that often times lead us to put them aside.

First things first, what is a Goal? We hear this word a lot of times when we read or listen about dreams, resolutions and so on…

In simple words a goal ” is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve. People endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines” – Thank you -Google-!

But how do we as individuals set up our goals?! We are all different, desires, ideas, creativeness. There is no exact recipe to set goals. At the end we need to look within us, REALLY look inside and reach for what you want.

Goal Ideas

When choosing goals I asked myself the following:

  1. Why?– It is important to really know the reason why you want to set that specific desire into a goal.
  2. When? For when do you want this goal to be set, is it a short term or long  term? Defining this will help you establish how you want to break this goal into tasks.
  3. Is this your goal? Sometimes we internalize what other people envision for us but in reality it is not within us, not our passion or desire.


This list helps me figure out what general items to focus:


  1. Brake an unhealthy habit.
  2. Change eating habits.
  3. Exercise habits.
  4. Sleeping habits.
  5. Add or change your self care routine.


  1. Reduce consumption
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle
  4. Enjoy more of nature
  5. Use resources with less negative impact.


  1. De-clutter closet.
  2. Go for slow fashion.
  3. Buy more local.
  4. Create a wardrobe capsule.


  1. Less screen time, more family game night.
  2. Plan more vacations or stay cations.
  3. Encourage more patience.
  4. Participate more on giving and sharing activities.
  5. Encourage more spiritual activities.
  6. Have more dates, daddy and me, kids and me etc….
  7. Read more together.
  8. Teach kids a new language.


  1. Create a vision board. I have it here but it also combines your personal life vision.
  2. Educate yourself. Take a course, read a book related to what you want to do.
  3. Balance family/career.
  4. Increase performance in your job or business.
  5. Increase efficiency in your job or business.
  6. Start a business, blog, new career.

How to achieve them

Now! after you have established where you want to focus it is time to make them a reality, right?!

Sometimes just by thinking of a goal does not mean it stops there and it will happen just because you want it, sorry but it doesn’t work like that!

One need to really dive into it but also discover what helps us get to that goal in a steady pace.

6 Steps I take to Help Achieve my GoalsPIN IT!

6 Steps I Take to Help Achieve My Goals .

  1. Break your goal into tasks. Your goal might be very ambitious, there is nothing wrong about that. Having smaller steps that take you to your final destination will probably help you be more productive. By being more productive you will probably feel motivated and less likely to quit.
  2. Set a deadline. It helps when you set a date or a milestone… whatever you feel it is best to push you towards a finish. If you estimated wrong ( it can happen) you can always readjust. That takes me to….
  3. Readjust your tasks. Sometimes we might think of one way to get to our goal but eventually figure out another way that is best. Don’t forget the task or goal, just adjust what you need to reach your final destination.
  4. Create habits. Getting adjusted to new things can be challenging but remember that our body and mind create a memory. At the beginning it may seem difficult, even impossible but with time it will be part of your routine. A routine that will get you to your goal.
  5. Be accountable.  If you are amazing at creating a schedule and keep up with it then you might be fine by setting your own accountability process . In my case I need a schedule, accountability process and have an accountability buddy. Anything that helps you keep focused and committed. Also my blog, by sharing with you it makes me see what I have accomplished and where I have to work on.
  6. Start. This might be the one step that we always delay. We are never ready enough to do something, so just start! You will learn along the way. I can assure you, I did not know anything about blogging and have come a long way. Still a long way to overcome but night and day for me!

Keep the Motivation

Along the way you might have moments when you feel like you won’t make it. The following are simple tips that will help.

  1. Disconnect for a moment . Don’t give up though, refresh and restart!
  2. Read a motivation book. There are so much out there to help you. My resent read was “You are a Badass”
  3. Surround yourself with positive energy. No one has time for the negative cousin πŸ˜‰
  4. Motivational Quotes! I am an avid pinner of Quotes and resently shared 17 of my favorite to help with goals . I love how simple words can lift you up.
Actually I canPIN IT!

Now there is just one more thing left to say!!

SLAY YOUR GOALS!! Enjoy the ride and go for the win!

Elements of AliceaPIN IT!

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  • Rachael Liska

    Excellent advice here! Love your goal suggestions, especially the career list. And your ideas for achieving them are very practical and doable. I’ll be using some of these tips in 2019 for sure!

    • elementsofalicea
      Rachael Liska

      Thanks! Sometimes with goals the most difficult part is figuring out how to get them done and also keep motivated! Wishing you a great 2019

  • Sam

    Loved, loved this post! I’m all about making goals for the new year ahead of you, and this post was super thorough and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing all this goodness!

    • elementsofalicea

      You are so sweet! Making goals is something newer to me when I notice that resolutions were not working πŸ˜‰ Breaking them in tasks and taking step by step makes them doable and takes the pressure a little bit.

  • LB

    Excellent blog post for the New Year! I can go slayy my goals now with the help of how you break it down πŸ™‚

    • elementsofalicea

      You go and slay them!!! Love that my steps can help you πŸ™‚ Have a great 2019!

  • Madi Rowan

    Such a good post! I love this time of year! I always feel so inspired when it comes to setting goals for the year & you offered some great tips! Thanks!

    -Madi xo

    • elementsofalicea
      Madi Rowan

      Right!! New year, fresh start! Great that you some inspired and hope you have a great 2019!

  • Mom Life Optimized

    What a great post!! So many people just throw a goal out there and hope to hit it with their flinging darts (me included sometimes). This really help to nail down the details and really make it happen.

    • elementsofalicea
      Mom Life Optimized

      It is true! sadly I think I have done it in the past too, a list of resolutions without working for them. That is why I said no to resolutions and created goals! Great that I could help, Have a great 2019!

  • lynn armstrong

    With 2019 finally here, I NEEDED this for my resolutions. Every year, I choose my New Years Resolution, and find it so difficult to stick to it. Thank you for sharing, this was very useful πŸ™‚

    • elementsofalicea
      lynn armstrong

      Awesome that I could help a bit! I know it can be tough and sometimes we give up. Have a great 2019!

  • DaLorean

    My problem is KEEPING my motivation. I set a goal and get super into it, an then taper off! I like your mention of using motivational quotes to keep you going.

    • elementsofalicea

      I know! Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and give up πŸ™ I love quotes and how they can uplift you! Have a great 2019!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for also including the ways to stay motivated. It’s so easy to be gung ho when you start something but when it gets hard or when results don’t come as fast as you’d like them, it’s easy to discouraged.

    • elementsofalicea

      Setting the goal is not the difficult part, it is sticking with it, Right?! Love that my ways help you too! Have a great 2019!

  • Rachel

    This is a great post! I have so many (maybe too many) goals for this year… This post definitely lays out how those goals can be achieved. I also loved the post idea about the inspirational quotes!

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks! I have a lot too and will do my best to achieve all of them. Great that I can help and if you love quotes you can find more here for inspiration. Have a great 2019!

  • Khaila Melson

    This is so helpful!! And love the layout of your blog!

    • elementsofalicea
      Khaila Melson

      Thank you! You are so sweet. Have a great 2019!

  • Tola

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I love your break down of what a goal is. And I think setting deadlines and a timeline for your goals is so important honestly makes it much more real

  • Raina

    I definitely love the idea of goals over resolutions! Something about goal setting seems more attainable. I am trying to reduce clutter and embrace minimalism in my home for 2019!

    • elementsofalicea

      Me too!! One of my biggest goals is to have a more conscious lifestyle, fashion, house… all that I can do. I’ve already broken some into tasks but have to figure out others. Have a great 2019!

  • Live Learn Better

    Such an interesting read. I love setting deadlines for myself and that has been very beneficial for me. Also breaking into smaller task.

    • elementsofalicea
      Live Learn Better

      Thanks! Breaking things down helps keep track without loosing yourself in a big goal that can make you overwhelmed.Have a great 2019!

  • Live Learn Better

    Such an interesting read and great advice. I love setting deadlines for myself and that has been very beneficial for me. Also breaking into smaller task.

  • Kesi

    Great advice! Loved your tips on helping you follow through! For some of my goals, I try to find like minded friends to keep me accountable.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks! Finding friends that understand and push you trough times of doubts is amazing! Have a great 2019!

  • Mallaury Matondo

    Great post! I love that these are all realistic and ACTIONABLE tips! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • elementsofalicea
      Mallaury Matondo

      Thank you! These steps help me stay focus. Have a great 2019!

  • Renee

    Love these tips! I think I need to try a vision board. Thanks !

    • elementsofalicea

      Right! I’m still giving last minute changes to mine, but they actually help> I have done them in the past and looking at it reminded me of what I working hard for! Have a great 2019.

  • Rhea m

    It’s that START that always gets me. Hoping for a better turn out this year 😊

    • elementsofalicea
      Rhea m

      It is for sure, you are practically changing or learning something new and that always takes time! Have a great 2019!

  • Kristina G

    This is a really good article with lots of helpful tips and I love how you broke it all down with steps to follow. I totally agree with making things habit .. this has always worked for me. I am going to pin this so I can look back to it every time I am making goals, thanks!

    • elementsofalicea
      Kristina G

      Thank you so much!! Creating a habit is hard but your mind eventually will do it automatically and it will feel like it was always there. Have a great 2019!

  • Floby

    Imagine so many things in a woman’s brain thinking all about these concerns! Thank you for sharing this It can really help me a lot.

    • elementsofalicea

      Good to know that I was able to help you! Have a great 2019!

  • Natalie

    I love the way you’ve broken down your goals. I’m still working on getting a clearer picture of how to accomplish them. 2019 will be an AWESOME year!

    • elementsofalicea

      Hey! Just one step a time, I am always working on them and how to figure things that I want to do. Yes 2019 will be an awesome year!

  • Rachel

    The first two steps of the 6 step process really resonate with me this week. I am trying to apply to grad school and I feel completely overwhelmed by it. I like that you talk about breaking a goal into smaller tasks and setting a deadline. This really helped! Thank you!

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank you so much! It means the world to me that someone can relate to what I write. You go girl with your grad school! Have a great 2019!

  • Erica

    Thank you so much for this. I am doing so good so far, but I plan to learn how to stick to a routine, My pastor even said that consistancy is the word for the year. Even on my daughters’ YouTube channel: people seem to always love the motivational life quotes the most.

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