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3 Effortless Target Finds for Any Bedroom

Has it happen to you that you figure out all of  the other rooms decorations and yours is the last one?! Well that has always been my case, always start with others and then me. So, I was on the lookout for a new duvet, pillows, bed sheets for my bedroom and where do you think I found the perfect items at a great price?….. dahhh Target!!  Finally when I started my search I went to Target and it did not fail me, I tried other places ( I promise you) but kept going back to these items 🙂


3 Effortless Target Finds for Any Bedroom

I have always loved white or gray everything for my room, it is always about a relax style plus easy cleaning. When looking for my duvet I found this ivory, 100% cotton with small tufts that I just fell in LOVE!

It is from the Kay Collection and it comes with 7 pieces including throw pillows and pillow shams. I had gotten this in pink for my toddler and when I saw it in white it was a must have.

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Next, bed sheets and almost went for my traditional white or gray, BORING!!! but then I saw this blue diamond pattern from Threshold and even though I hesitated I went for it. Have to say it goes pretty well with everything else and I am glad that I went for something different.

3 Effortless Target Finds for Any BedroomPIN IT!

And finally I needed a pop of color and this Pom pom floral throw pillow one from the new line Opalhouse just had me at HELLO 😉

The rest of the pillows I already owned but they went together really well and I kept them. I threw everything together and it gave the must needed change that I was looking  for less.

3 Effortless Target Finds for Any BedroomPIN IT!




See here for similar for the yellow accents that I owned

and ….. more here for things that I loved but were not for me this time!


I am a Target fan always,  but try to venture off just to see if I find something that checks all of my boxes (quality, pretty, affordable) and to see if I’m missing out but always confident that I’m not. These year they have brought many lines throughout the store that embrace every style.

Go and see for yourself all the goodies and right now they have the following offer!! Now you can shop for what you need.

Are you a Target lover? if you are we definitely have something in common! Don’t forget to share this post with someone that loves to shop!!


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  • Katie

    I love your style! My husband and I just bought our first house and I’m super excited to decorate, so this is great inspo! Those sheets are amazing! 🙂

    • elementsofalicea

      You made my day!! thank you so much. If I see more finds I’ll keep sharing 🙂 And Congrats on your home!!

  • Stephanie

    Love this look! So fresh and clean! Target really is the best for home decor. 🙂

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks! And yes, I love that they carry a great variation in styles so there is something for everyone.

  • Katie peirce

    All of these are so cute! Gonna have to go on a shopping spree at target now! 😂

    • elementsofalicea
      Katie peirce

      Yesss!! Only thing I’ve noticed is that online they have more products that in stores. The duvet set I got online.

  • Carol

    Love Target! It has to be one of my favorite places to shop.

    • elementsofalicea

      Me too! There is never a time that I go and come empty handed.

  • Chelsea Huntley

    It’s looking good! I am definitely a Target Lover..Great post & I love the pictures!

  • Andy

    Love Target! I always come out with more than I planned on buying but their prices are fantastic and the products really hold up well.

  • elementsofalicea

    Love this items! test

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