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3 Hair Trends to try this Fall

Hiiii!! It is really crazy to imagine that fall is so close!! I was on my most needed hair appointment last week and started asking my hairstylist (Angie from Sam Jon’s Salon  )what were the hair trends to try this fall. Her answer was braids, space buns and red hair.

She was very thoughtful and whipped up this fun braid on me for you to see!

PIN IT!I went and look for inspiration to share with you!

3 Hair Trends to Try This Fall

BraidsPIN IT!From Instagram, left to right    @ray.voltage      @kj_and_hairspray      @megahairmaniac

I find braids to be very cute and can be done for an easy summer  or fall day or even with a more dressed up occasion. I love that they keep your hair off of your face while looking put together.

Space BunsPIN IT!From instagram, left to right  @treatwellit    @samjonsonsalon   @xb_hairstyle

Going for the space buns is a fun way to do your hair. Looking for inspiration I found a combination of braids and space buns, half hair done in space buns and why not add glitter!?

I would go for this style for a concert, party…a fun day!

PIN IT!From Instagram, left to right   @scimmietta_in_love   @puffinbeauty

Red HairPIN IT!From Instagram, left to right  @never2_blonde   @samjonssalon

Last trend for the fall is red!! Highlights, balayage or any of the coloring method you prefer, this is one of the go to hair that most gals love. There are a variety of shades so it is very important for you to find inspiration pictures to take as an example to your hairstylist. One of my preferred places to find inspo is Pinterest!

Which of these three trends is your favorite? For me, hands down the BRAIDS!!

What other hair trend are you in love for fall?

For more hair inspo go to my Pinterest Beauty-Hair board!

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  • Dennis Burkett

    Totally going to share this with my wife!

    • elementsofalicea
      Dennis Burkett

      You have to! And let me know what she loved. Thanks for sharing

  • Paula Stewart

    I’m not a fan of the space buns but love the braids and red hair. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can take my hair out of my clip. The only way I can wear it when it’s 90+ every day.

    • elementsofalicea
      Paula Stewart

      You must! I’ve found them to make me look like a spent a lot of time, but a simple braid just makes it right.

  • Alyson Seligman

    What an awesome post — and love Sam Jon! My girl has been rocking the space buns like crazy and they’re so cute, and I’ve been trying to learn how to do braids on my hair. And, of course — red hair is my favorite of all. 😉


    • elementsofalicea
      Alyson Seligman

      Right!, I’ve been going there for three years and they are always great 🙂 Saw the space buns on your daughter, they look cute and of course you rock the red hair 😉

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