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4 Must Have Hair Accessories for Spring and Summer!

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Hair accessories recently made a comeback and there are so many choices. Long hair or short they are great to wear for an easy day hairstyle or a more stylish version for a night event. I love them to a point that I opened my own Etsy shop where I sell my handmade pieces!

This year there are plenty of trends but these 4 are my must haves for spring and summer for all the gals!

Hair Clips

They come in metal, fabric, pearls and more!

Hair Bows

And I don’t mean baby bows!! Now these are for us ladies too. They are small and pair with pony tails or half hair up they are the perfect accessory.


One of the most versatile pieces from the bunch. A scarf has so many ways to wear them. But as an hair accessory I love to use it as a hair band. For days when I don’t feel like having my hair on my face a scarf is the way to go!


Finally…. my all time favorite and inspiration for opening my own store! So many times I was wondering on how to put my hair up without being boring and when scrunchies came back I loved it. The all time favorite is the scrunchie with a bow, it is the perfect piece to add to your daily style. I started mine with cotton fabric and some knit but will keep using sustainable fabrics plus re-purpose fabrics to keep them out of landfills!

Any of these will for sure give you that extra pizzazz to your style!! Which is your favorite? Let me know in comments

Want more hair accessories inspo ? you can follow my store on instagram @inspiredbymdesigns , pinterest or go to Inspired by M Designs Store

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