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4 Simple Hair Styles for Medium -Length Hair

For a while now I have been sporting a straight bob. I find it easy but versatile when you want to change it up.  As a mom I’ve tried to keep it long but at the end always put it up, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything special with my hair. Also I didn’t have the time or the ability to do amazing hairstyles that some of you pull off so effortless, like the ones I find as inspiration. For me and also probably you, the gal on the run, that wants and needs something quick  these 4 simple hair styles for medium-length hair are my go to!! Give them a try and let me know which one is your favorite.


4 Simple Hair Styles for Medium-Length Hair

Deep Side Part4 Simple Hair styles for short hair- side partPIN IT!

I usually part my hair down the middle when I wash and let it air dry. By parting my hair to the side afterwards it gives volume and it looks polished without any much work. One product that I use when I sleep with my hair wet (major nooo..but) is a thermal dry conditioner, it helps keep the pillow hair tamed.

Braids4 simple hair styles for short hair- braidsPIN IT!

This is one of the hottest trends! It has been strong all summer long and through fall! They can be as easy or elaborate but super fun for a day out.

Pulled Back4 simple hair styles for short hair- pulled backPIN IT!

If I go for a full pull up hair style it will start falling apart but by just pulling half of it , it keeps my hair off of my face while I handle my daily life! Do a cute twist, bun or accessories to glam it up.

Straight4 simple hair styles for short hair- straightPIN IT!

Going for the straight look is the most time consuming of all but not difficult. I start with already dry hair and use a small flat-iron to straighten the hair strands. This is my edgy look for when I go out on a date with the hubby or friends!


Even though I don’t apply  heat to my hair on a daily basis I do color it, for me is really important to keep it healthy and some products that I keep in my routine are a damage remedy shampoo, dry remedy moisturizing conditioner, moisture recovery treatment mask that I try to apply once a week. Also I use the dry shampoo for when it is needed.

My hair is very thin and I have a lot of growing hair that just sticks out, by applying hair spray it helps keep them down for a while.


Do you have medium-length hair? Would love to chop your hair? Go for it, you won’t want to go back!

Let me know which is your favorite style and what else would you like me to share.

Elements of AliceaPIN IT!

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  • Renee

    These are beautiful! I specifically love the braids! Great post!

    • elementsofalicea


  • Dana

    I’ve always been so bad at hair 😂 I’m definitely a wake up and go kind of mom! These simple ideas are definitely doable and easy for even me- thanks for sharing!

    • elementsofalicea

      Me too!! that is why these are my go to styles. The most time consuming is when I use the flat iron, otherwise it is just making the best of pillow hair 🙂

  • Calista

    I just chopped my super long hair off so this was super helpful! I’ve been curling my hair and wearing it like that but I really love the braids. I am awful at doing my own but I should practice because it is so cute!

    • elementsofalicea

      I don’t really do a lot to my hair the only style I did use a flat iron was for the straight hair. I am basically a wash and air dry girl! For the braids, the ones in the picture were done by another amazing hands, mine are a bit easier a simple 🙂 I practice with my daughter to make them better.

  • Julia Randall

    Love these ideas, now if only my braids could look like yours, I’d be set!

    • elementsofalicea
      Julia Randall

      Thank You! and I bet you can make cute ones.

  • Alexis H.

    I always had trouble with hairstyles, I get so frustrated on trying to find something other than mom bun and with short to medium hair that can be hard. Thank you so much for showing different styles to use! So beautiful….

  • Alexis H.

    I always had trouble with hairstyles, I get so frustrated on trying to find something other than mom bun and with short to medium hair that can be hard. Thank you so much for showing different styles to use! So beautiful!

    • elementsofalicea
      Alexis H.

      Thank you so much! I get it, when you try to pull your hair up and everything comes crumbling down because your hair is not long enough, so frustrating!

  • Renee

    This is my exact hair length and I needed something different than a messy ponytail!

    • elementsofalicea

      That happened to me too specially with long hair! Don’t get me wrong a messy ponytail is sometimes a necessity but it is good to have simple choices to go for!

  • Melisa from Crushing Motherhoood

    I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • elementsofalicea
      Melisa from Crushing Motherhoood

      You are so welcome!

  • Regina

    Reading your post now has me wanting to get my hair cut shorter. Love your hair and the effortless styles. I seriously need a hair routine and take care of my hair better. Thanks for the tips.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank You! When I first cut my hair short I doubted myself but went for it and I love it! Also hair needs to be cared for too, right?! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Chelsae

    I love the braids that you posted! I feel like those are so different that the typical braids you always see.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank You! These are really cute and fun 🙂

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