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4 Ways to Style Mom Jeans

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When I became a mom my style changed, it evolved to a more relaxed fit. My biggest challenge has been of actually putting a bit of effort and not just go with legins, t-shirt and a bun, don’t get me wrong I have done it and it is very easy and comfortable.

One of my recent purchases has been a mom jean! I went for it because I love a good hi-rise and wanted to see how it fit into my wardrobe. When they arrived I created some looks for it to be easier to dress them and also visualize different ways to rewear. I loved these simple yet stylish ways to pair them!

The Jeans

4 ways to style mom jeans and a floral dress

I went for the Everlane’s 90’s Cheeky Straight Jeans. After sizing up my old jeans didn’t fit and wanted to get ones that would last me. Reading a bit about this brand and their transparency in sustainability and fair trade I went for it. While I’ve been wearing them over a month I can share the following:


  • 100% Cotton, when washed a bit tight but they tend to loosen up. You could size up if you prefer a looser fit but overall go with your body measurements.
  • They come in ankle and regular. I went for ankle and loved the inseam length. You can hem them but it will depend on your preference.
  • Love that their rise is 11″.
  • They are supposed to give you a lift and they don’t disappoint. I don’t know if it is because I already carry baggage (LOL) but I love how I look in them.

4 Ways to Style Mom Jeans

As a petite I always want to make sure that I compliment my body and that my wardrobe makes me look taller and leaner. The styles I shared are the most flattering for my body type but can actually look good on anyone.


4 ways to style mom jeans and white tshirt

The most versatile piece. I usually go for the crew neck but find the v neck great to elongating your neck and love different fits. You can find t-shirts at different price ranges and it is just a matter of time, trials and error to find your forever brand.

Off the shoulder Blouse

4 ways to style mom jeans with a off the shoulder blouse

When you want to dress a bit more flirty for a girls night out or date, a simple off the shoulder can do the trick! Pair it with nice heels and even try a folding your hem for showing more legs.

Tucked Blouse

4 ways to style mom jeans with a tucked blouse

Pretty blouses make a big difference when you want to look more polished than with a t-shirt. Tuck the front or the whole blouse for a focus on your waist. Even wear one with pretty sleeves details.

Loose Button Down

4 ways to style mom jeans with a button down

This style is a relaxed one, you can even use your husband’s shirt. Tuck it in the front to take the visual to your waist, this helps you look taller. Pair it with flats or a low block heel and voila!

Where to find this look?

Well, other than the jeans all the other items are old from my closet. If you can’t find any of these pieces within your closet you can opt to start on thrift or consignment stores, online or go for stores that embrace sustainability and fare trade 🙂

What do you think about mom jeans? What was your favorite styling? For more fashion inspo you can follow pinterest!

Click here for items you can restyle and rewear and one piece you probably love that has been in your closet all along!

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