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5 Ethical Shoe Brands that Deserve a Place in Your Closet!

Shoes take a special place in every women’s heart! I know they do in mine and it is always fun to get a new pair. My experience with shoes is that I like classic pairs that can be worn on most seasons. Also love a good quality shoe that will last and most of all within a reasonable price!! Are you with me!! I KNOW you are!!

Now this year one of my goals is to have a more sustainable, fair, slow lifestyle. That includes fashion! First thing that went into my mind when I chose this was ” Oh well now I’m in trouble! how and where am I going to find affordable shoes that are in tune with this goal?” ” I’m not sure about second hand shoes” “Hmmmm, is this a good idea?” Yes, it is because I want to be conscious about my footprint in the environment and the global society that we live in.

So I looked and searched and to my surprise there are shoes. Affordable ones and not so affordable. I am sharing with you 5 ethical shoe brands that deserve a place in your closet!

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5 Ethical Shoe Brands that Deserve a Place in Your Closet!

When I started going for a more conscious lifestyle one of the things that I most looked within brands is how and where they make their products. Within this process I’ve learned that there are different ways to approach this lifestyle. You can go for second hand, sustainable materials, ethical companies. Sometimes companies work with one part not so much the other and sometimes is a combination, that would be going for the win!

In my case I worried about the pricing of things and how was I going to be able to afford this change. The following brands that I share are the ones that I found that covered most of what I truly want to achieve. Their prices even though higher than some regular brands are not overpriced and the quality you get is worth the investment.


I came to learn about Everlane when I started my journey for a more conscious lifestyle. This store impressed me when I was reading about their transparency. They inform the consumer where their pieces are made, materials and how the pricing is set. And even have a choose what you pay on certain products! I’ve loved every piece I purchased.

Even though I have yet to purchase shoes from them I sure love these ones and hope to get my hands on one pair! Don’t you love the pink ones?!

Everlane Modern Buckle Sandal
Everlane wrap sandal
Everlane wrap pink sandals


From all the brands that I’m sharing today the Toms by far have been the ones that I have known the most. I started purchasing their shoes for my little ones and loved their mission of every time you buy a pair a person in need gets one too. They’ve evolved to address a lot of more issues and you stand with them with every purchase.

I’ve always loved the original model but they have definitely stepped up their designs and now bring more options for every style!


This is another brand that I got to know last year for my kids and didn’t realize they also have for us ladies some cute shoes. I love that they have a program to recycle the old native shoes , and yes there might be similar styles out there but I can say that not close to quality of materials and probably not PETA approved vegan brand.

Native Open Sided Flat


Reading all about them I was really surprised about their sustainable materials and their standards for farming, land management and animal welfare. I’ve been procrastinating on getting my pair because I don’t necessarily use a lot of sneakers but really soon I will


This is another brand that I came upon when searching for more conscious shoes. It surprised me that they work towards providing us products that are ethically made and they also have a shoe proclamation program that participates in Sole4Soles.

They also have a pricing model that is directly with the buyer cutting all the middle man costs that happen in traditional retail. That means your are paying the best price possible for a good quality product.

While I was stunned to find new brands and learn more about the ones that I already knew there was an eye opening moment!! There are good brands that are doing their best to be conscious all around. It is for sure up to us to learn and realize that paying for inexpensive products might be the result of a less conscious brand.

For me too this journey sometimes gets a bit crazy but it is a marathon and not a sprint. Not giving into the weekly trends and always researching for the best brand that fits you!

Have you ever purchased from an ethical company? Which one? What did you love about it?

Are you like me wanting to change for a more conscious lifestyle? What have you tried that you most love? Let me know in the comments!

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