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Hi! I am Alicea and I am really excited to share bits of my life.

I am a civil engineer who moved from Puerto Rico to South Florida. Once I moved I shifted into a stay at home mom or as I call myself on occasion… House manager extraordinaire!!! It has been almost two years and at times I find myself ready to go back to work and resign from my new job!!! (sure, Ha!). I can’t lie!!! the reality is that I love the craziness and raw feelings this new chapter brings to my life!!!

During these two years the love for forgotten things has resurfaced. The love I have for myself, the passion for beauty and fashion, the love of life (one day at a time) and all the pretty things it has to offer. All happening while raising three little ones and supporting an amazing husband that always stands by my crazy ways (he just brought me a cup of coffee).

You will learn about my thoughts on beauty and fashion,home decor, adventures with my family and friends and some of the things that happen in between….while life keeps on rolling ;).

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Hope you enjoy it!!!



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