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Beautycounter Review- 2 week Trial


Being 36 I’m always on the look for the best beauty products and I bet you are too!!? I also look for one that has the least chemicals and it can be very overwhelming. I want to age gracefully and also know that I am not hurting myself on the long run. I’ve been on a 2 week trial of Beautycounter Products specifically the Nourishing Collection. Here I  share what I learned from this company and how I found the products to be.


As a company they are working hard to have changes made to the laws that regulate the safety ingredients that are used in personal care products in the USA. It is surprising that these laws have not being reviewed since 1938. As a woman, mom, least of all a person I would like to think that the people responsible to pass this laws will think first about the people!! Create or revise the laws that might be faulted to provide us with the best regulations for toxic chemicals inside our products. There are several countries that have already revised theirs so USA needs to get into the program. You can learn more here on how toxic chemicals have been affecting us.

Nourishing collection

This collection is designed for normal to dry skin where products are created to nourish and hydrate the skin.


Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Packaging: 4 fl oz tube (trial was done using .14 fl oz tube)

Consistency: lightweight cream

Price: $26 US

Experience: This cleanser is creamy with light citrus fresh scent . It was good removing all of my makeup including the eyes (mascara and heavy concealer). I find this a great plus!! to be honest I also wanted to test if it would actually remove my makeup. I hate that while cleaning my face I have to reach for an additional product to finish removing my eye make up but not with this one!


Nourishing Cream Exfoliator

Packaging: 4 fl oz tube (trial was done using .14 fl oz tube) 

Consistency:  light cream with exfoliating jojoba beads

Price: $34 US

Experience: Same fresh scent that with the cleanser and also a light cream exfoliator. While my personal preference would be for it to have more of the jojoba beads for a rougher exfoliation, it cleanses really well the impurities and leaves skin feeling fresh. On my second week of trial I used it with just a bit of moisture in my face (padded with towel after washing with the cleanser) and I felt the exfoliation a bit more so by the second week I was warming up to it!!


Nourishing Eye Cream

Packaging: .45 fl oz tube(trial was done using .14 fl oz tube) 

Consistency: lightweight cream

Price: $35 US

Experience: My eyes are my biggest concern while aging!!  I hederitarily tend to have bags under them, especially if I don’t rest or have allergies (those don’t help).  This eye cream is rich in coconut oil and aloe and while using it I noticed that my eyes quickly absorbed all of the cream that I applied. By morning I could still feel that my eyes were soothed and after a couple of days I could see some help with my morning inflammation.


Nourishing Day Cream

Packaging: 1.6 fl oz bottle(trial was done using .14 fl oz tube) 

Application: lightweight cream

Price: $43US

Experience: This moisturizer felt really light and it quickly was absorbed by my skin. On days that I did not wear make up my face never felt greasy  or dry. One downside is that it does not contain SPF, which is Super important for your skin!! In my case I used a BB cream that has SPF to protect me from the UV rays.


Nourishing Night Cream

Packaging: 1.6 fl oz bottle(trial was done using .14 fl oz tube) 

Application: medium-weight cream

Price: $47 US

Experience:Same as the day cream just a bit creamier. Still felt very light on my skin while I was sleeping and when I woke up my skin didn’t feel greasy, just hydrated. While on my week 1 of  trial my T zone suffered a bit of a breakout but by the second week it started to clear out. For you guys that are prone to breakouts or sensitivities it can be very helpful to try the products before diving into a regimen.


 Overall Experience

The Nourishing Collection really helped my skin feel hydrated which it also makes it feel healthy!!  With all the products I just had to use very little quantity (pea size) making this product really effective while being long lasting. I normally have dehydrated skin and even though I had a breakout ,after 1 week of use (on T zone), I also notice that the overall hydration made my expression lines less marked…I can smile and squint all I want 😉 .

How to get Beautycounter Products

Beauty Counter can be purchased

A) on line where you can 1) purchase as a guest customer 2) become a member and receive some perks or

B) thru a consultant that can help you with learning more about the products and determine which one would be best for your skin. This for me would be the perfect way to really learn more of the product and determine which is best for you.

I love that the Beautycounter is working hard to make all of its products and other companies use non of the chemicals that harm us by advocating for change in the current laws. This is an extraordinary change that all of us should look into and support any way we can, spread the word!

Let me know if my experience helped you? And share with me if you have used any products that are healthy and that you love!





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