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Decorating my Rental Home- Plant Decor

Decorating with plants is a simple way to bring color and life to any decoration style. In the past I used to purchase, every two weeks or less, flowers for vases. With time I noticed that they really do not last long. At the end it is not environmentally or pocket friendly, if you know what I mean (Eeeks!!).

Bringing them inside can be very healthy!! It has been researched (by NASA , blog by Melanie Pinola for lifehacker) that some species help purify the air within the room.  This is good to know!!! That not only they are healthy but also they can uplift your mood. In my case they make my stress go down when I give them some love(water and clean them) and watch them grow. It just makes me Happy!!

I decided that this would be my next fun project with the kids!! They love planting and watching them grow. Some of the plants that we transplanted to pretty pots were the snake tongue (sssss), cornstalk plant and some assorted foliage. The snake tongue is one of my faves, they are super easy to keep so if you don’t have the best green thumb there is no worries, they need really little love. The cornstock and the assorted foliage we got for the entry way, it needed some color!!.



Some of the things that I look for when getting new plants
  1. If they are for indoors or out outdoors. It is important to know in what light conditions they will thrive on for their health.
  2. I always look for plants that are said to purify the air. If you are going to bring plants inside, might as well if they are good for my family’s health.
  3. Pets!!! I don’t have pets but I know that plenty of plants are harmful for them. Make sure that they are not before bringing them near your furry ones.

Let me know what plants or flowers you have at your home or are your favorites!!!





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