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Decorating My Rental Home

Hi there!! Decorating a rental home can be somewhat challenging, it has been for me!!! You have to consider that it is not your home and everything you do or use has to be the least invasive. At the end, when you decide it is your time to move, you or the owner will not have a headache with a bunch of fix ups.


The following are 5 easy tips that helped make my rental feel like home for my family. I am still working on it but, it already feels a lot cozier.

5 Easy Steps
Wall Color

The color of a room can really make a statement when you go with a bold color. I chose to go with a neutral color for all the walls to let the art and pictures stand out. I used the color Fog from PPG architectural finishes,  it is a light blueish gray that gives a nice base color to your walls letting every decor item be the statement. Make sure to use the eggshell or satin finish, when you have little ones it will make wall cleaning a lot, I MEAN, a lot easier and doable(Just imagining a wall covered in crayons, Haha!!!)

Hang Wall Art/Pictures

Now!!! Once you have decided what you want to hang up I recommend using the 3M Command hanging strips. These strips will not damage the walls so, forget the messy nails or looking for studs, just make sure to follow the instructions. These strips can hold really good but just if you use them the right way!!!



Interior flowers and plants

Flowers and plants make a space feel happier, alive!!! I used to purchase every week fresh flowers but had noticed that it added up and at the end the flowers were dead and I was left with an empty vase, all over again. Purchasing plants or flowers and transplant them to pretty pots is an alternative. This way you will not lose your investment also, your space will still feel complete.

Storage as decor

Having space to store things is always a plus but what if your storage doubled as a decoration? It would be a win win (Yess!!). You can use ottomans in a living room, it is a perfect little toy throwing box that no one needs to know about. Also baskets are amazing, you can put them anywhere in a house and they are full of stuff but still looking pretty 🙂


Other places you can go is up, like up the walls. Walls can be used to hang stuff that you don’t want to be thrown around on the floor, I use them for my kids backpacks!! Just make sure that what you use to install to the wall is the least invasive. Remember you will eventually move and the less fix up you have to do the best.

Love you neighborhood

I can say that loving your neighborhood should be really high on your list. I have learned that  sometimes my rental gives me a headache because I can’t do many of the things that I would like nevertheless I have to accept that a neighborhood makes a big difference. So walk around, meet people, learn about your environment and you will definitely will appreciate where you are.



What have you done to your rental to make it your own? Let me know!!





Note: All comments and items linked are things that I have or have used or similar  I have no affiliation to any company, all writing is based solely on things that I like!! 😉







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