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6 Great Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Young Kids

Holiday season is around the corner and also all the catalogs that include everything and anything that any kid would want! But what do they really need?  Most kids have everything soooo…. I always go for toys that are educational. Here is an easy list of toys by things that all kids like! It will for sure help you narrow between all the choices out there!

Gift Ideas for Toddler and Young Kids


In my house every time kids come to visit I have to pull out the paintings and paper for them! I guess that anything related to art will be a safe bet 😉


If you have kids that love music you can decide to either get him/her something that will make her dance or their own instruments to play!


Kids learn by pretending or simulating what they see every day. All of these options will let them immerse into their small world with big imaginations (wouldn’t we want to be them?)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

It is amazing how STEM has been incorporated into games and there is a huge amount of options to choose. From simple ones for your little ones or even subscriptions for the more advance.


Outside Toys

For the most active little ones there is always the classic outside sports toys.


Whatever interest your kid might be into, a subscription can be the best option. You can choose by age, what they like, for how long you want the subscription and voila! Some of the ones I’ve looked for information are the following:  – This site provides subscriptions for kids who love art and science  from 0 to 16yrs.

Little Passports -This subscription is for the kids that love to learn about other countries and also have one for science.

Green Kid Crafts – This subscription is for kids that love STEAM. Project age range is from 2-10yrs

If subscriptions are an ideal gift you can google for more! There are currently many choices for subscriptions 🙂


Every year we are faced with the, What to get the kid as a present? This always helps me narrow what most kids like and I don’t get sidetracked.

If you are still undecided you can gift One Gift to read, One to wear, One thing they want and One gift to give! Read it awhile ago but always remember it.

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  • Angel

    This is a great list of items. I really love the pretend outfits. My toddler love to pretend. Thanks for sharing.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thank you for visiting my page! My kids love costumes and pretend outfits, sometimes they go out wearing them and I am not going to fight them 🙂

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