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How to Spend a Morning in Old San Juan

If you ever have been to Old San Juan in Puerto Rico you already know how charming it is!! The last days in Puerto Rico were creeping in on me and I wanted to decompressed from all the activities. I decided to have an escapade with my sister and mom!!! What better place than Old San Juan to spend a morning?!

How to Spend a Morning in Old San Juan

Enjoy a walk!

Early morning  and mostly everything  closed meant that we had all the colorful streets for ourselves. The weather was enjoyable and we decided to take a walk and take in the delight of all the colouñrful streets and old spanish architecture.

Girl in a black jumpsuit, white sneakers and wicker pursePIN IT!

Time for a treat

After  we walked and took pictures in some of the most beautiful corners we decided that we needed a break and what better place to go that The Bombonera. This cafe was established in 1902 and even though it had some renovations done is still has its charm. If you ever visit you need to order the mayorcas. They prepare the mayorca in different ways, plain, with cheese, cheese and ham you name it! Oh and freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee , Yumm!

La Bombonera- How to spend a morning in Old San JuanPIN IT!

coffee and a menuPIN IT!


Shopping time!

Now that our break was over we decided to go shopping. I was surprised that even though  I had lived in Puerto Rico for a long time there were stores that I had never visit. The one that caught my attention the most was Ole. This store is dedicated to make custom hats and it was amazing to see the variety that they work on. This store was filled with intricate figurines on every corner enough to keep your eyes busy and happy.

panama hats, summer hats- how to spend a morning in Old San JuanPIN IT!

panama hats, summer hatsPIN IT!

Shopping spree done! and we needed to hydrate so we stopped for a coconut mojito and some sample platters full of island delicacies.

Mojito and puertorrican food- How to spend a morning in Old San JuanPIN IT!

Saying Goodbye

Our day ended but it was full of great memories.  This vacation has really made me appreciate more what I always had at my finger tips. I truly encourage everyone to enjoy a day as a tourist and you will see the beauty of your home town.

Jumpsuit and boater hatPIN IT!

Do you like to be a tourist in your home town? What is your home town and what is your favorite spot? Have you ever been to Puerto Rico?

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And how about the fashion?!

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  • S. Dallas Prevost

    Puerto Rico has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now I’m inspired to give it higher priority. Thanks!

    • elementsofalicea
      S. Dallas Prevost

      Thank You! It is for sure a beautiful place to visit. Hope you can go some day!

  • Heather

    Great post! The colors of those buildings are amazing.

    I live in london and love to be a tourist in my city. There’s nothing better!

    Puerto Rico is definitely on my list of places to travel to, especially after seeing your pictures!

    • elementsofalicea

      You are so nice!! I have to say I had never in my life had so much fun like when I went and enjoyed it as a tourist. I don’t know if it is a nostalgic moment because you know you don’t have it everyday. BTW I would love to go to London one day!

  • Nicole

    Wow! Beautiful photos! This is definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks for the tour.

  • Kat

    It looks so beautiful there. It is such a great idea to visit places in your own countries. I often forget what hidden gems are in NZ. I’d love to visit here one day.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks, it is eye opener when you discover places that were always there!

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