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Jean Jacket- Must Have Fashion Piece You Can Wear Year After Year!

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Every year Fashion comes up with new trends for every season and even micro seasons, who can keep up?! I’m sure I am not the one. I’ve discovered that this fashion item has always been in my closet and every year I can easily pull it out and just refresh my style with some trendy accessory.

Drum rolllll!!!!

Jean Jacket – Must Have Fashion Piece You Can Wear Year After Year!

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Jean Jacket

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it is the jean jacket! I’ve had mine for over 10 year and is still in great shape! I bet you have one too. Yes.. every year the fashion industry loves to come up with a new wash, pattern, length but at the end of the day it the classic jean jacket that we all have and love.

This piece has resurrected every year do to its versatility from day time fun, night date with a love one or group of friends. It transcends all trends and harmoniously complements any fashion style.

Ethical Brands

Of course mine is old so I can’t share it but I went and looked for some for the gals that are still missing this piece on their closet. I looked for different styles and stores that I am loving for their impact on ethical fashion. One of my goals is to achieve a more conscious lifestyle an this includes what I wear!

Even though mine is from a fast fashion brand it has been long enough with me to keep until the end of its life! My journey has just started and I’m in a transition period. Of course I would suggest starting on a thrift store, or exchange with friends, but if you don’t find what you are looking for you can explore here.


This brand has become one of my favorites. I’ve purchased some pieces from them and love every single one. Their transparency gives me peace of mind plus the prices are fair especially for when you are on a budget but want to invest in good pieces!

The Shrunken Denim Jacket
The Denim Jacket
The denim Jacket in White


Even though I’ve never purchase from this brand it popped on every single time in my research for ethical fashion. It caught my curiosity and started reading a little about them. I was impressed about their goal of ending the poverty cycle by creating economic opportunity for women.

This is creating remarkable opportunity for change of the way we see fashion and how we, as consumer, also have power over the industry.

The Yuli Jacket

Regular Brands

The following brands are ones that we all love but have not quite yet cleaned up their act! I chose to share them because they have goals on improvement and conscious acts that we need to keep an eye because they are going on a right path.

They are quality products and if you don’t find anywhere else what you have been looking for, they can be considered. 


This brand came up with a jean jacket in the 19th century. Their products are of hi-quality and are considered a great vintage/thrift store find!

They now bring some pieces that are known as Water<less where they are changing the amount of water used in the making of their products. Also they are coming out with a sustainable material collection. Hopefully they keep this going to a point that all of their products are made this way.

embroidered Levi’s jacket
Trucker jacket
Waterless ex-boyfriend jacket


Have to say that I’m a fan and it has been really difficult not go on a spree shopping! This brand has everything I like for my daily style and then some. Under JCrew they have a social responsibility page that covers most of what I look for but doing more research it seems that they need more work to really thrive as an ethical brand covering all bases. I found helpful information on Good on You.

Oversized Jean Jacket
Embroidered Denim
Heart Print Edition

As I was looking for these amazing jean jackets I found myself thinking of ways of styling it! Here is an idea on how I did it last year.

Girl sitting in a stair wearing a jean jacketPIN IT!

If you, like me, are in a journey for a more ethical lifestyle you will find these a good read!

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    Jean jackets that always classic, I have mine from high school and I’m still rocking it. Thanks for sharing

    • elementsofalicea

      I said it!! You can wear it year after year all year long 🙂

  • Kayleigh Walter

    I agree with you about the jean jacket being a fashion staple. I love mine!

    • elementsofalicea
      Kayleigh Walter

      Great! it is a piece to have.

  • Ciara

    Denim is definitely back. That’s all I see when out shopping for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

    • elementsofalicea

      I am a denim girl. I feel the most comfortable when wearing a denim piece!

  • Megan

    I bought a jean jacket from Abercrombie in high school and I still have it! I love jean jackets and how versatile it can be.

    • elementsofalicea

      They sure are versatile and transcend trends!

  • Ya

    OMG I love a good jean jacket! I love one of my favorite ones years ago and it still bothers me today. Must have accessory!

    • elementsofalicea

      Totally agree with you, it is a must have!

  • Kesi

    love this! definitely has inspired me to pull my jean jacket out from hiding.

    • elementsofalicea

      Yesss! Dust it off and wear it!

  • Laura jafarkhani

    Definitely a timeless piece that goes with so many things!

    • elementsofalicea
      Laura jafarkhani

      Right! I pulled it out and I always can style it no matter the trend!

  • Jenn

    I love jean jackets but I wear jeans so much that I hesitated to wear them. I thought that it might be weird to wear a “jean suit”. Yet, this styles pull it off.

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