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Lunch at Downtown Abacoa

Hello, I finally got to walk through Downtown Abacoa  with one of my good friends!!!! I’ve been telling her that it is very nice because we can have a stroll to the town center and see cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Today was the perfect day for a walk. It was sunny and breezy so we didn’t really have to sweat it . We gather my gang (aka little ones) and off we went.


AMAZING!! We already had perfect weather but everything was so pretty, the flowers, the street… so we had to stop on several occasions to take pics. we decided to grab something light to eat and we ended up  at Freshii. We both had delicious healthy bowls while we sat and talked about work, kids and everything in between.


On our way back we stopped at Marston Boutique. The boutique carries different styles for women and also for girls and a variety of accessories for you or as presents (love my fringe necklace!!!). I was amazed at how kid friendly the boutique is, they have toys for them and are really attentive while we shopped. My boy already knows where the toys are and goes straight towards them!!!

Our morning came to an end,  BOOO!! We had to run to go get the rest of the crew. Nevertheless downtown Abacoa is a place that I for sure will keep coming back !! Have you ever been? What has been your experience?




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