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Taking a break from Blogging- it’s OK

I’m baaaack!!! It may seem that taking a break blogging especially the writing, clicking, pinning, taking pictures might be crazy for a new blogger, right??!! Well for me was a matter of breathing and taking a pause to look within me and figure out what my next step would be.

When I started to blog I was doing a collaboration with an extraordinary friend that is very creative and very computer savvy 😉 . At the time I did not realize how much work it takes to build one, get it to be presentable, promoting and all the steps for it to be successful. Later I opened my own website and it suddenly hit me like a brick that what people see, as the final product, is hours and hours of meticulous work that one puts into it. That all that happens “behind the scenes” is very techi and complicated!!! As a civil engineer I’m used to tangible things, drawings, books, materials that I can see and touch and much more.

Right then and there I still felt strong that I needed to do this because I loved what this platform had given me. It had provided me an outlet to connect with myself again in ways that I had forgotten how to, and I was not willing to give it up just because it was “HARD”.

Being completely honest, during this month, I felt on numerous occasions that I wasn’t good enough or interesting enough, or that my voice was not strong enough to be able to attract people and mostly that I was not going to be able to connect.

What have I done to turn this feeling over and start putting my adventures and loves out there again???

Things I’m working on to overcome this funk
  1. I have a great friend. She brought up to me that we should become blogging besties, where we basically are each others #1 supporter, Why Not!!??? No one else will understand how much work goes into it and best of all we push each other to thrive and commit to our goals (I think as of now she is pushing a lot of my 100 lbs ass).
  2. Stop thinking, I am not good enough!! You are, but in case someone does not like what you offer, it is OK.
  3. Stop thinking of excuses on why you could not work on anything today. Instead of excuses think of reasons why you should keep pushing yourself.
  4. Believe in yourself. Every day wake up and do affirmations , one, two as many as you need to get through your day. I have to get better at this, Eeks!
  5. Take steps instead of leaps. Everyday, every single thing you do, no matter how tiny will get you to your goal.
  6. Stop reading millions of posts on how to blog or get better, there is plenty of information and it gets overwhelming with all the things suggested. It will drive you nuts!!
  7. Stop overthinking, sit down and just pour your heart out!!

Well… I may not be 100% in the right mind , YET, but I am taking the steps to keep moving, not stop and kill it!!!!

What has helped you get over the days that feel that you are not good enough? Let me know, I sure need your input on this 😉




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  • Loraine

    I actually had these exact same discouraging thoughts this morning. Thought to myself-why am I doing this? What’s the point? If my own friends and family don’t comment/like, how do I expect complete strangers to do so? So I headed out for the day to do some kayaking (Mother Nature is my best therapy). While I was out there, a complete stranger on IG told me she read my last blog post, and it inspired her to start blogging again. It was a literal sign! I reminded we myself that the reason why I started was to inspire people…and that was reassurance that I was doing just that!

    • elementsofalicea

      Great to hear from you! I’m a little bit over a year on my blogging journey and it is still at days overwhelming and chaotic. But I remind myself that I’m doing this for me, my family and to inspire others with what I have to say. It was amazing reading your comment!! This was written a while ago but it is still so close to my heart because everyday I am working towards my goal, little by little. Don’t get discouraged and keep going strong 🙂

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