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Valentines gift guide for the entire family- 2018

Valentines is around the corner and we are all suckers for love and on February 14 we always want to express it!! I am one that thinks that showing love should be a daily thing but it is always exciting to get or give a little something to those we love the most. Here I share my Valentines gift guide! You will find something for the woman in your life, a mom, a friend a wife but lets not forget about the men and kids( I also include a little something for them 😉 ). No matter how you celebrate this day or with whom the most important thing is…. that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE!!!

Gift Guide 2018

For the women in your life

1. Heart Shape Earrings – This pair of earrings will definitely show her that she is special, perfect for the fashion woman who will like to wear some valentine jewelry  the day of.

2. Valentine Cards – Sending a card to a person you love will show them that even in the distance or not so distant you always have them in your hearts. It is a perfect way to write a love message to someone. I have to start doing this, I live far from my family and sometimes feel disconnected from them. They will for sure be surprised when it arrives in the mail.

3. Initials necklace – I think this is perfect for the moms that like to keep a piece of their children or grandchildren near their hearts. Having their initials will feel like having them always with you even when they are not.

4. Love is love plates – This set of plates expresses the feeling of the day, they are multipurpose and the one who receives them will find a perfect spot.

1. Portable speaker- Every moment is the right moment to turn on the music and make it special. Don’t be shy and show those moves!!

2. Paper weights- This level paper weights are a unique present. They are a simple way to show that you care.

3. Cutting boards- For the men that love the kitchen and entertain!  A wood cutting board set will give him the hint of cooking more with you 😉

4. Lingerie-  Yesss for men!! Believe me they will be very happy when they see you all in that sexy lingerie.

For the little ones in your life

When thinking of what to gift my children I prefer to embrace the day. In my case,  they are still young and I don’t want them to misinterpret that Valentines day is just for gifts. I want to focus on showing them that it is just another day to show your love but in a bit more special way!

 1.Cookie cutters– Kids love to bake and spending the time with them will make their day, especially if you don’t get to do it often.

2. Game Board– Playing with kids is always a way to show them love!! So.. bring out those game boards and spend the quality time with them. Note: The Bed and Bath was sold out and I linked an Amazon equivalent.

3. Books- Get a Valentines theme book, get cozy and eat chocolate while reading it with them.

4. Tatoo – Valentine themed tatoos will make the kids day, this is just a fun little gift that they will enjoy.

Out of the box gifts for the ones you love

1.Insta Pix cameras – Cameras are an old-time favorite for keeping memories!!! Everyone will have fun taking the instant pics.

2. Food delivery for your home – Going out to a restaurant on Valentines day is not my fave but I do Love having a dinner with my special persons on that day. Having the food delivered and spending the time in the kitchen is a good way to enjoy the day!!! Turn on the music, talk, dance if you must and it will be Great!

3. A day out – Sometimes just the way to say I Love You!!! is spending time with them so having a date day will be great. Book a trip, go to the Zoo, the Museum or that special place that you know will make their hearts full.


Let me know what worked for you or what other ideas you have , maybe I missed something 😉









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