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What to Pack for a Beach Day with Kids

Already it has been a week of our vacations to Puerto Rico!!! Our preferred activity so far has been diving in the water, either pool or beach. It has been great! We have met family and started to save on our memory drive (aka brain) all the fun things. This week we drove to the south-west of the island to Cabo Rojo! We started off with Buye beach during the afternoon and already had our first big adventure to Guilligan’s island, I will share more of our adventure later on ( I can’t wait!!!). But what to pack for the kids? I always try to bring just enough, they out number me and are not much of a help when carrying all the heavy-duty beach artillery.  I make sure that I have all the essentials needed for them to have a safe, fun day and obviously me too!


What to Pack for a Beach Day With Kids

When preparing my trip I categorize the things I need. By doing this I make sure that I am bringing with me everything needed without over packing.


  • Life jackets- Even though I’m pro my kids knowing how to swim or at least survival skills; if your little does not, bring one. Always supervision first! Water is fun but it can also be dangerous.
  • Hats/rash guards- Although looking for a shade and limiting the time exposure is my #1 preference, having these additional items can help prevent unwanted sunburn.
  • Water shoes -Even though they are perfect for water they can also keep their little feet from hot sand or sharp items in the sand.
  • Sun block/ Lip balm- Try applying it at least 15 minutes before exposure and repeat every hour.
  • Sunglasses- Their eyes need sun protection too! One of my kids hates to wear them but I am always encouraging him!
  • Bug spray- If you are on a mosquito prone area, bring it. You will thank me 😉
  • Water/ drinks with electrolytes (Gatorade)- Yessss, I know this is safety not food!! But it is extremely important to keep everyone hydrated. It is very easy to keep having fun and forget.

Note: With kids it is my personal preference to go early to the beach, at most I am leaving at noon. I try to escape before the kids turns unbearable.

what to pack for a beach day with kids

Some of my favorite items!


  • Buckets, shovels….- have them build you a castle or bury you, they love playing with sand. Unless you have one clean, no sand, dirt kid.
  • Water guns- young, older and even the eldest of the group will have fun while playing wars.
  • Noodles- Perfect for bigger kids to play in the water.
  • Balls/Frisbee- another alternative

I just brought with me a set of sand toys that they were able to carry by themselves!!


  • Fruits- strawberries, pineapples, bananas, oranges, grapes all you can find. They are perfect to keep them hydrated.
  • Sandwishes- peanut butter or ham and cheese will keep their tummies full for a while.
  • or Hot dogs/hamburgers perfect for lunch. I prepare them in the morning and cover them in foil paper. They will still be warm when you eat them.
  • Chips- kids always love chips. Bring their favorite one!
  • Water/ drinks with electrolytes -Once again I include this item.
  • Cooler- I brought a small one, I had all drinks frozen the night before so I did not need ice

Keep them dry

  • Towels
  • A picnic blanket- This is an alternative to chairs. When I am with my kiddos I will have no more hands left to carry one.
  • Clean set of clothes- Bring lite clothes and change them when you are about to leave.


what to pack for a beach day with kidsPIN IT!


  • Beach cart
  • Umbrella or tent
  • Chairs
  • Plastic Bags
  • Water camera
  • Swim Diapers

It is safe to say that going to the beach with kids is not as easy as it seems! With this packing list you will not forget the essentials you need.
If you are a beach lover what are your favorite things to bring?  Have Fun!!!
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    • elementsofalicea
      Manisha from modlotus

      Great that you enjoyed it!

  • Marjie Mare

    I am glad to read your post. No matter how early I start packing, I always forget something. I am going to save your post.

    • elementsofalicea
      Marjie Mare

      That is fantastic!! And that is why I created a list because I never want to forget something or bring things that I will never use and are just weight to carry! Hope you can use it, if you find something that you added feel free to share 😉

  • Leah

    I have a great tip for you. My kiddos are teens and older now, but I always tried to pack some baby powder. When you get back to the car, sprinkle a little on everyone’s feet. It’s dries up the sand and it falls off with a brush from a towel. This results in way less sand in your car. Seriously, it works great. I even used it when they would come in after playing in the sandbox.

    • elementsofalicea

      Thanks for sharing!! I have heard of this trick before but never tried it.

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