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Why I embrace a Conscious Lifestyle

When deciding on this year’s goals making a change in my lifestyle was high on the list. I understood that there existed countless ways to my approach. Did I wanted to be sustainable, low waste, zero waste, slow fashion, change my eating and health habits…living ethical perhaps? I actually didn’t want to just be one, for me it was more of trying to achieve a conscious lifestyle! But what does that mean?

What does a Conscious lifestyle mean?

Well.. we can start by defining conscious. Conscious means being awake, to notice and to be intentional and determined. Wow, that is very telling of how I wanted my change to be.

By being awake I become aware to everything that is happening around me and able to choose wisely what is best for my family. I started to learn more about what impacts the environment and humanity because a disbalance on either have negative effects on all of us.

By noticing the existence of ways to make a positive change helped me better understand. Understand that it is not an easy journey and that a lot people before me have devoted their lives to look for solutions and educate others. That there are lots of ways to promote and achieve consciousness but keep being your true self.

That intentional actions won’t necessarily be perfect but with determination will day by day create a habit that will drive change.

What did that meant for me?

This means that I am going to live as sustainable, less waste, slower fashion, healthier life, promoting ethical and fairness for others as best as I can. It means that I’ll connect with myself, the environment, the beauty within me and others, find my purpose.

I might fail a million times and each failure will be followed by learning and then new actions. With each action I will be closer to find the balance of everything good their is to be done, even with flaws.

How to Accomplish it all?

Actually I canPIN IT!

Understand the magnitude of your change and decide your priority

First and foremost it is truly important to understand that once your are aware of eeeeeeverything that affects the environment, others wellbeing and your own physical and mental health you need to choose. Choose what is going to be your priority.

Example. Sustainability is related with environment but also low waste, zero waste, clean products, products that will have biodegradable qualities . In fashion what products, materials, naturals resources are being used and the list keeps growing of things to account for. For me in my household I want my family to understand the importance of using less for longer periods of time and once it is time to dispose do it in the best way to have the least negative impact.

Why you want to do it?

The why needs to be completely yours. There are so many approaches when it comes to do good that in needs to come from your true desires of change. There might be something that even though it sound great from many perspectives but it is not great for you. Also don’t let it be a trend that you want to follow, even though change trends are great You will only truly embrace it if you really want the change.

Don’t let any one make you feel you are doing something silly

Oh! You will encounter people that will question you, even make fun of you. Don’t let them, just nicely tell them that this is your choice and they are welcome to embrace it or not but they are not allowed to judge.

Funny thing, this happened to me and it was my husband! The one that should support me, yeap he made fun of me in front of some friends. I just gave it to him right there (obviously we where with friends, if not I would have told him later). This is your change and you are allowed to.

One Day at a Time

That is how I roll with it. Making better choices and changes each day and adding more and more every day! Of course my end goal is to create a habit but I have to start somewhere.

Transform your goals into actions

Once you have established what and how you want to address your priorities, transform them into actions. I’ve been guilty of talking a lot of what I want to do and priorities but if they don’t convert to actions there is no change. No change is easy but doable when you put your mind and heart to it. These will help keep you motivated!

These have been simple things I’ve changed already and you can too!

7 Day SWAP Challenge!

Because this is a day by day effort and I want to truly make a habit, I need you!! I’m creating a 7 day challenge for up to 5 people that want to join me. I want to demonstrate that every single change made by every person adds up and that together our waste won’t go to landfills! Are you with me? Please sign up for the 7 day SWAP Challenge and be amazed at how much impact we have when it comes to making a positive change. Lets prove that our change matters.

Let me know in comments if this is something that you have wanted to change but it gets overwhelming when you start researching.

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