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Worth Avenue…. An unexpected Gem!!

For a while now my friend Mac and I have been planning to go on a new adventure. And because my mom is visiting from Puerto Rico I thought that Worth Avenue, at Palm Beach FL, was really great to explore. Also we could uncover some of its hidden treasures!!! So we made it a girls date, Yesss!!!


Worth avenue  is known for its couture shops, luxurious jewelry ,fine art galleries and sculptures but my favorite part is the beautiful bougainvillea filled courtyards vias. All the flowers are in full bloom so, it is a wonderful time to admire the captivating atmosphere.

We started with a stroll thru the gorgeous vias. Strolling through via Mizner we stopped to appreciate the architecture by Addison Mizner, all its arcs, chandeliers, amazing tiled stairs (very moroccan) Gorgeous!!! I loved the little kids reading at the bench. This sculpture was made by Prince Monyo of Romania and it just made me want to be there with them enjoying myself. It felt like I was being transported directly to Europe. For a moment it made me forget that this was only built last century and that it is so close to home. It is just a gem!!!PIN IT!



After we walked through several different courtyard vias we stopped to grab lunch at Pizza Al Fresco. While we waited to be seated we were able to admire this hidden treasure. The area was filled with the smell of gardenias and walls covered by blooming bougainvillea. We shared some delicious pizza, my mom and I shared the funghi pizza, OK, ok it sounds weird but it was delicious!! The crust was crisp and thin and you could tell the ingredients were fresh. We enjoyed the rest of our meal graced by the nice weather that we’ve been having, Yeahhh!!!!


Soooo, we couldn’t leave just yet!!! and continued our adventure thru the beauty and windows of the boutiques at Worth Avenue. We found this eclectic boutique, Kiosk!! It is brightly colored and fun yet still maintains the sophistication you find on the avenue. When you walk by it you would never imaging all the treasures it has and for all tastes, plus I found a pineapple lip gloss (WIN!!!).


It came to an end!!! We definitely had an extraordinary day and I have already made plans to visit again  this majestic corner of Palm Beach. Or should I call it  little piece of Europe!!!


Have you ever been to Worth Avenue?? What was your experience or what else would you suggest I do!!!!







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